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Ruzu Herbal Bitters

It's a wonder herb that combines a number of very key ingredients to come up with a solution to many of the challenges we face in this side of the world & globally as well. Ruzu herbal bitters is 100% natural!

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Ruzu Bitters is 100% Natural

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Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management

Lowers blood sugar and support functionality of the pancreas.
High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

Flushes away clot in the coronary arteries & maintains a healthy heart
Weak erection

Weak erection

It improves erection dysfunction, increases libido & premature ejaculation
Menstrual challenges

Menstrual challenges

It relieves menstruation pains, scanty menstruation, ovulation & regulates women’s monthly cycle

See what people are saying about Ruzu

  • I work in marina and live in ikotun, that means sitting long hours travelling to and from work, I had legs and back pains,then I tried Ruzu, all the pains went away and i am reinvigorated. Ruzu bitters works.
    Aderinola Sokunbi ‎
  • I was invited to the office of a Barrister who wants to know more about RUZU BITTERS and also take me by my words. On that day, the Barrister bought 2 bottles and sent me to go & deliver another 2 bottles to a Stroke Patient which I did. (more…)
    Moses Akinfe
  • Just last week Monday, I had a patient with very high sugar in his urine I placed him on Ruzu bitters just on one bottle and told him the things to also avoid. To my greatest surprised by Sunday I tested him the urine has normal! I use it now to detoxify for my clients. I also consult for weight watching and it's very useful in that regard. It does take care of several problems in the body system. (more…)
    Kelechi Onuoha, PH
  • He has always been a sweet tooth; possibly like you who is reading this mail. Every meal or snack comes with a sugar water or Soda. There was also a regular supply and consumption of sweets, chocolates and co. Then he heard about RUZU helping to detoxify the body of junk. (more…)
    Mr. Dee
  • My elder sister has had a problem with bowel movement for a long time - in lay man's language, she finds it difficult to go to toilet. As a matter of fact, she hardly goes. She could do maybe twice in a month. She had done everything humanly possible to make a change to that situation (buying and eating all sorts of fruits in the market) all to no avail. She had been to the hospital several times for this same issue. (more…)
    Evelyn, Lagos
  • Wonders shall never end! How's the weekend? I find today's gist serious! She walked into the office for a health Insurance transaction via the A2W platform. She had white hair with tints of gold in it, a woman about 70years old. As she finished her transaction and made to leave the office, she drew the attention of the staff in the office to her hair, and the part RUZU had to play in it. I was like WHAT??? No way! (more…)
    Mr. M. K.
  • She used to work in my office complex, but then her company changed location so i had not seen her in a while. Then i saw her about 3 days ago, definitely much slimmer than she used to be. It was my colleagues who were on ground when she came to share her testimony who updated me. She was still her usual size until 1 week before then when she picked a bottle of RUZU to try if it would work for body and belly fat. (more…)
    Miss M. O
  • A friend's husband is diabetic and has a wound on his leg that refused to go. I called her and told her about Ruzu bitters but she refused that they have used so many. On my own I decided to give her one (1) bottle free and I just called her now to know how far and she screamed my name KC, I have been looking for your number to call you. How can you send me more bottles of Ruzu. (more…)
    Mr K. O
  • My Dad had Chronic Pile (aka Jedijedi) with serious back pain. I gave him Ruzu on Thursday. At first he was saying it was not working. Today (2 days after), he confessed RUZU is working ... Back pain gone! Going to Toilet! My Mum also used it. All of them are excited about RUZU now!
    Mr U. O
  • "I am one of the major dealers of RUZU in Ibadan. Since I started selling about a month ago I can't say I took Ruzu more than 5 times then I stopped. My excuse was, "nothing is wrong with me"! Two nights ago I started feeling symptoms of malaria. Yesterday morning my wife got anti malaria drugs and I started using them. I didn't want to take Ruzu becos it is bitter. (more…)
    Mr M. A
  • She walked into the office for a health Insurance transaction via the A2W platform. She had white hair with tints of gold in it, a woman about 70years old. As she finished her transaction and made to leave the office, she drew the attention of the staff in the office to her hair, and the part RUZU had to play in it. I was like WHAT??? No way! (more…)
    Mrs k. A
  • Do you know skin rash? I mean the kind of rash that covers the whole body, more like a stubborn allergy? Can you picture it? Itchy, really itchy! The kind of itchiness that your nails are insufficient to give the immediate satisfaction of scratching needed, the kind that peels the skin when you use any object in sight to scratch it? Now you get it! (more…)
    Mrs O. J
  • The very first day I brought Ruzu into my pharmacy I met a girl who had been waiting to see me. She complained of severe vaginal infection with serious discharge and sores around the vagina. I gave her Ruzu and she left. I haven't seen her since then. (more…)
    Miss J
  • She walked into her sister’s home with a throbbing headache, migraine to be precise. Her body temperature was high and her body shook almost visibly. Her extremities (fingers and toes) had the feeling of needle pricks. Those symptoms weren't strange to her, she had battled them for close to 10 years; they were signs of high blood pressure. (more…)
    Mrs A
  • After taking 4 spoons of Ruzu in the morning and night before sleeping, the first thing I noticed was that normally I wake up daily with a pounding headache but this time there was nothing – No headache. Immediately, I ran to measure my BP which normally will be between 160-170/90-100 but this time it was 120/80. I continued my dosage and the next day again, I observed that the regular pain I feel when alighting from the car after driving was gone. (more…)

  • My Yoruba tailor, Shakiru had an accident about 2years ago and broke his femur (the big thigh bone). He was taken from place to place to get it sorted but it was poorly done. Till date, he still uses a crutch and a walking stick, and the bone isn’t well set, and as a result of that, he’s been in constant pain! He’s had to rely permanently on someone to drive him around so as to minimize the walking around because of the pain.

Did you know that:

The Ruzu Herbal Bitters manages some of these and solves the others in a matter of days. The good thing is not only can you help to save and transform lives. You can make 80 - 100% profit from the compnay by becoming a distributor

  • Diabetes Management requires between N10,000 to N100,000 per month.
  • High Blood Pressure drugs have a variety of side effects – Some include increased urination, fatigue, weakness, leg cramps and inability to engage in sexual activity.
  • Menstrual challenges include – pain, irregular flows, black flows e.t.c. These are caused by Endocrine gland-related causes, Acquired conditions by medication, tumors, fibroid, Endometriosis, e.t.c.

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